Here is your handy guide to understanding our frames.

If you have any questions at all that you can't find the answer to below, please feel free to contact us

How do I remove the back of the frame?
Our backing boards feature swing clips. Simply push down and turn them around. 

Is the face paper (backing paper) and backing board acid free/ ph neutral?
Yes! Some collectors choose to put protection behind their prints. To help with this we made sure our face paper is PH neutral. Simply turn it around, so the printed side faces the backing board and the blank side faces the rear of your print, and place it in the frame with your print.

Does the frame fit lenticular posters, acrylic or metal posters?
Yes! Our frames can accommodate a depth of up to 4mm without the acrylic and 2mm with the acrylic. Anything over 3.5mm without the acrylic or 1.5mm with the acrylic is a bit snug, but it does fit.

Do you offer spacers or can I use spacers with your frames?
Our frames fit 1.5mm EconoSpace spacers. We do not currently supply these but are looking to in the future. You can find these HERE.

Do I need spacers?
This is really personal choice. It is very rare for a print to be damaged from touching the acrylic. Prints such as most screen prints, lithographs and digital prints should have no issues at all in most cases.

Can I get replacement acrylic?
We cannot currently replace acrylic.

Does your acrylic provide UV protection or will my print fade in direct sunlight?
Yes. Our 24x36 inch frames offer  2mm PS gl. UV protected, optically clear acrylic glass. All other frames offer  2mm, optically clear acrylic glass and will be upgraded over the course of the next few months.

Is the acrylic anti-glare?
No, our acrylic is classed as optically clear acrylic glass. There is some reflection but due to the thickness and quality, much less than traditional off the shelf acrylic. Anti-glare acrylic is available but is either prohibitively expenses, or features a coating that alters the appearance of prints and artwork.

Do you ship to the United States/ other countries?
We currently ship to the U.K and the European Union.

Will you be offering different coloured/ size frames?
We intend to continually review and grow our range. Look out for new colours and sizes over the next few months. 

How do you ship your frames?
All our frames are shipped by courier in custom, protective boxes. 

Are your frames available to Wholesale?
Yes. We are looking for wholesale partners based across the globe. Please contact us for more information.